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Don’t Let Foot Conditions Keep You From Summer Fun

Summer Beach

Summer is almost here, and you might be planning on exploring and enjoying outdoor activities. With so many events and festivities taking place, it’s important to keep our feet healthy and pain-free. Foot conditions such as heel pain, arthritis, metatarsalgia, and plantar fasciitis can make it challenging to take on summer adventures, leading to frustration and a missed opportunity to have fun. However, with some care and attention, you can be proactive with these foot conditions, and maintain your active lifestyle. In this article, we will review common foot conditions and a few tips so that you can make the most of the season.

Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common condition that can result from an injury or overuse. A sudden pain or dull ache in your heel can slow you down and make walking painful. To avoid heel pain, ensure your shoes provide proper support and cushioning. Wearing flip-flops and ill-fitting shoes can cause stress on your heel, leading to inflammation and pain. For more on heel pain, click here.


Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints, causing stiffness, inflammation, and joint pain. Custom orthotics can help alleviate arthritis in the feet by distributing body weight evenly, and minimizing pressure on the joints. With customized orthotics, you can enjoy summer activities without bothering about foot pain or discomfort.


Metatarsalgia is a cramping burning pain below and between the metatarsal bones where they join the toe bones. You’ll likely feel this as inflammation and pain in the ball of your foot. While it’s usually caused by running, jumping, and hiking, it can also happen due to foot deformities and ill-fitting shoes. To prevent metatarsalgia, avoid wearing shoes that put pressure on the ball of your foot. Instead, wear well-fitted shoes with adequate cushioning that help reduce the impact and distribute the weight evenly. For more on metatarsalgia, click here.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the thick band of tissue that runs across the bottom of your foot, causing heel pain and stiffness. To prevent plantar fasciitis, avoid wearing flat shoes or shoes without proper arch support. Customized orthotics can alleviate the discomfort and provide long-term relief. For more on plantar fasciitis, click here.

Summer is a time to be active and enjoy the great outdoors, but foot conditions can make it challenging. Book an assessment with a pedorthist today; if you need custom orthotics, it could be ready for summer! We also recommend ditching cheap flip-flops, opting for shoes that provide the proper support, and easing yourself into new activities slowly. Take good care of your feet this summer!

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