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Knee and Ankle Braces

No matter your age, aches and pains in the lower joints can, and do, happen. Some are predisposed to issues in these areas, some may have past injuries that have resulted in chronic pain, and others experience acute injuries that require intervention from a trained professional. And while having the

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Custom Orthotics and Runners

There are few feelings better in this world than a runner’s high. The state of euphoria one can feel after a particularly tough run can turn your day, or even week, around 180°. What happens though when the pain in your feet and legs becomes too much? Experienced runners know

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Pedorthist Care and Diabetes

According to research from Diabetes Canada, currently, one in three Canadians has diabetes or prediabetes. Long-term complications from diabetes can often manifest in foot problems like ulcers and infections. Foot problems are the number one reason for hospitalization among those with diabetes. This is where Sole Mate’s steps in. How

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Orthotics and Summer Activities

The great joy of summer is the outdoors. Hiking, biking, the beach, and all activities in between mean that your feet are going to get a workout. While it’s a great time to ditch the winter coats and heavy pants, it’s not a great time to ditch your good footwear.

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Custom Orthotics vs Over the Counter

Custom Made. The term itself just sounds right. Something made specifically for one person, and one person only to fit their specific needs and even wants. Custom basketball shoes for pro athletes, or even custom cookware for your favourite Food Network star! When it comes to custom-made, the benefits are

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